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Doctor Christopher Bruno - Doctor of Chiropractic in Reston Virginia
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MASSAGE THERAPY - $20 Off one hour massage for first time clients.

Ultrasound to disperse swelling by increasing tissue membrane permeability affording lymphatic drainage. 

Muscle stimulation to affect motor and sensory nerves.  It also affords a mechanical massage, which serves to relax and exercise muscles, eliminate toxic material and increase blood and lymph flow reducing adhesions.

Cervical traction aids in freeing articular adhesions, restoring muscle tone and improving nutrition to the disc through vertebrae end plates accelerating the healing process.

Massage Therapy increases blood supply to injured area and helps with extraction of fluids due to inflammation. It aids in the facilitation of movement thereby helping with ligament and tendon healing as well as muscles involved in the injured areas. Massage also helps with the separation of muscle fibers, preventing the formation of adhesions, spasms and trigger points resulting from soft tissue injuries such as automotive collisions.

Therapeutic Exercise to optimize their muscular control that was weakened by the whiplash injury. Through dynamic conditions via controlled exercise protocols, treatment will require attention to postural alignment, strength, flexibility, joint stability, balance reactions and postural strategies.

Dry Needling are focused on the muscle belly itself and breaking down the tissue to release the spasm
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