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What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic (pronounced ky ruh PRAK tihk), is a system of health care that emphasizes the relationship between structure and function in the body. Doctors of chiropractic believe that good health depends, in part, on the normal alignment of the body's parts, and that misalignments--called subluxations--can be a major factor in illness.

Chiropractors consider proper alignment of the spine to be of critical importance because of its central role in the function of the nervous system. Proper nerve function is essential in restoring and maintaining good health. Chiropractic treatment often consists of manual manipulation of the spine or other body parts to restore proper alignment. Such manipulations are called adjustments. An adjustment is a gentle specific application of force to the spine by hand to allow for a release to let the innate intelligence of the body to correct the subluxation and express maximum potential.

Chiropractic is the system that is established on the fact that the nervous system controls the function of each cell, organ, tissue and every other system of the body. The Nervous System is made up of the brain, the spinal cord and millions of nerves. The brain is encased in the skull which protects it and like wise the spinal cord in protected by the 24 moving bones of the spine. The nervous system is an internal communications network that enables an animal to adjust to changes in its environment. The human nervous system--especially the highly developed brain makes people different from all other animals. The human brain functions much like a complicated computer that enables people to speak, solve difficult problems, and produce creative ideas.

The pain from a pinched nerve is sharp, severe and intense. A pinched nerve could be anywhere along the spine, in the neck (cervical area), in the lower back (lumbar area, and in the mid back (thoracic area). A pinched nerve can affect any part of the body and even a persons mood, making our lives miserable. Nerves have a very critical function in the body. Nerves send impulses or messages from the brain to the body and back thereby keeping the brain and the internal organs communicating so that every thing works in harmony.

Good communication like this translates into wholeness, high resistance to disease, vitality and strength. Nerves also regulate our internal automatic processes: breathing, sweating shivering, internal organ function, heartbeat, digestion, excretion and many other vital functions. So nerves are actually extensions of our brain and without them our bodies would be useless. Nerves can get pinched when they come down from the brain and travel through a bony canal formed by vertebrae. If the vertebrae misalign slightly they cause the nerves to get compressed, stretched and irritated. Nerves aren't the only things in the affected area, there are blood vessels, discs, ligaments, joints, muscles, fascia, tendons, other connective tissue, and fat tissue that may be affected. This process is called subluxation.

"Pinched" Nerves and Subluxation
Subluxation is a change in tone in the body from misalignment's)/altered function of the bones in the spine and pelvis which causes interference to the transmission of the neural impulse (energy) from the brain to the body thereby lessening maximum potential.

When nerves are "pinched" their impulses may be altered and this affects the entire body. this sets the stage for disease to occur. Physical and emotional conditions of many kinds have been related to the improper functioning of the nervous system. In addition, when the spinal column is misaligned, it can throw the entire skeletal system off balance causing fatigue and exhaustion. In fact, fatigue and exhaustion are early signs of vertebral subluxations. Most of these impinged nerves don't hurt and damage to the tissues and other areas continues. Are we really okay or at our best? Often subluxation has no symptoms yet is literally draining your life's energy. Chiropractors today educate the public about vertebral subluxations and the need for periodic spinal checkups.

How Does it Happen?
Subluxation can occur anytime there is a physical, chemical or emotional stress which overwhelms the body's ability to heal. Some examples are below:

car accident, fall, lifting injury, poor posture, repeated physical movements or stress, poor workstation position, sitting improperly, tumbles and falls as well as the first subluxation.

poor nutrition, drug use (prescription included), hormonal problems, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

stress, upsets, moods, traumas.

Important Chiropractic Facts

  • Chiropractic. the largest non-invasive healthcare paradigm in the world, is the third largest of all the health-care professions. following medicine and dentistry.

  • Approximately 50,000 chiropractors currently are practicing in the United States, many of whom belong to al least one of the more than 100 national. regional and state professional associations. Between 10.000 and 11.000 students presently are enrolled in the I 8 chiropractic colleges in the United States. The United States alone has I5 million to 20 million chiropractic patients.

  • One in I5 Americans sees a chiropractor at least once a year.

  • According to a 1990 study published in the British Medical journal, chiropractic care is more effective for low-back pain than outpatient hospital care or many types of physical therapy.

  • According to a 1991 Gallup poll, nine Out of I 0 chiropractic patients felt their care was effective. Eight out of I 0 were satisfied with the care they received and felt the cost was reasonable. Seven out of I 0 said they would likely see a doctor of chiropractic again.

  • The annual cost of chiropractic care in the United States is $24 billion, compared to $6 billion for AIDS and $4 billion for lung cancer.

  • Chiropractic care is safer and more effective for back pain than medical approaches. according to an August 1993 study commissioned and funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health. which also suggested chiropractic could save the U.S. government millions of dollars every year.

  • When chiropractic care replaced traditional medical treatment for spine related problems, workers' compensation costs and lost work time decreased by 50 percent. according to a 1988 Florida stuy "Chiropractic care Is covered by government insurance plans. including Medicare, the Government Employees Hospital Association Benefit, Plan; the Mail handlers Benefit Plan and the Postmasters Benefit Plan, most private carriers. most state workers' compensation plans and most third-party payers."

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